“Write What You Know.”-Mark Twain

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”-William Wordsworth

You’ll notice that yesterday and today, I’ve just wanted to write simple poems…poems that come instantly, nothing profound. As a child, I wrote all the time; teachers loved displaying my poetry on the hallway and classroom bulletin boards; in school newsletters. Once my dad gave the Trinity Church in lower Manhattan my Laura Nyro-inspired poem, “Save the Children” and they printed it in their newsletter. (Laura’s great song, “Save the Country” had the line, “Save the Children.”) Today, before I rised, I just looked at my husband sleeping and I smiled. He’s just the nicest person I know and for over 30 years, he’s been my anchor in the most positive of ways!!!!

I wanted to just get up and write

Something meaningful; something deep

Instead I think of your eyes and how they pierce into me

I think of your gentleness and how it guides this family

I think of your steadfastness calming my nerves

I think of you…always you.






Winter’s Morning Inspiration

As I lay in bed this morning with the pillow speaker under my pillow, I heard it was 18 degrees in NY and felt more like 10 degrees. Not good news to my ears. Got up, made my coffee, went downstairs to basement and put on heater and computer and here I am…writing what I feel. Have a good Friday everyone!  OH…I learned a new word this morning: “varve.” 

Winter’s Morning Inspiration by IleneOnWords

Some like the changing of the seasons

Yes, they do, for many varied reasons

Skating across a frozen lake

Or in the hearth a fire make

Building snowmen with their young

Tasting snowflakes on their tongue

 Bundling up in colorful scarves

Extra clothing warn like varves

Admiring lavish window displays

And decorated homes with lights ablaze

I would prefer just seasons of three

And banish winter for eternity

But alas, I will fight the good fight

Forge ahead in the snow no matter the height

Enjoy the heat the new oil burner brings

And listen to the songs my heart doth sings.