“I am the me I choose to be.” –Sidney Poitier

Happy 86th Birthday MR. Sidney Poitier!!  Oh how I loved him and had a crush on him. What a human being, what an actor, what a face, what a man!!!!!!   Did you read The Measure of a Man?  I remember my mom taking me to the Ethical Society in NYC to see Mr. Poitier speak on Civil Rights with Harry Belafonte and I think James Baldwin, but I was very young, under 10, but I was mesmerized. That event had to be before 1963, so who knows who else was on that stage…Oh how I wish I could remember!!!!!   At ten, mom took me to see Sidney Poitier in “Lilies of the Field” where we both walked out singing, Amen.”  Watch Mr. Poitier teaching the nuns English in “Lilies of the Field” and singing with them right here.

It was individuals like Sidney Poitier who helped shape my national and world views, along with my parents, and took me with them on the road to equal rights for all. Thinking of Mr. Poitier this morning brings back such memories of an individual who helped develop the conscious of America…who fought long and hard in the Civil Rights Movement, who demonstrated integrity, pride, true American values, a zest for life, the true definition of a M-A-N. I hope the younger generation is propelled to look up Mr. Poitier and learn more about him. Again, Happy 86th Birthday, Sidney Poitier, a man for all times.