Winter in NY

“I’m not in show business,” he said. “I’m in the communications business.”Richie Havens

The forecasters are making me very nervous, as they always do, with their expectations of a foot of snow!!!!   I go into the “What if…” scenarios: What if I can’t get to Mom’s?  What if she loseselectricity?What if we lose electricity?  If I could only, only, let everything be and let life happen cause life is going to happen no matter the worries I harbor. It’s a good morning to listen to Richie Havens, his soothing voice  helps to calm the nerves. Richie was born today in 1941 and we lost him just last year. He was a Beautiful Man and had a Beautiful Voice!!!!!  I remember seeing him with my brother at the former Anderson Yiddish Theater on 2nd Ave, oh, so many years ago. After that I did see him several times and he was always great. I’m listening to Richie’s “Follow” and am already feeling better. Happy Listening!