Winter in NY

“I’m not in show business,” he said. “I’m in the communications business.”Richie Havens

The forecasters are making me very nervous, as they always do, with their expectations of a foot of snow!!!!   I go into the “What if…” scenarios: What if I can’t get to Mom’s?  What if she loseselectricity?What if we lose electricity?  If I could only, only, let everything be and let life happen cause life is going to happen no matter the worries I harbor. It’s a good morning to listen to Richie Havens, his soothing voice  helps to calm the nerves. Richie was born today in 1941 and we lost him just last year. He was a Beautiful Man and had a Beautiful Voice!!!!!  I remember seeing him with my brother at the former Anderson Yiddish Theater on 2nd Ave, oh, so many years ago. After that I did see him several times and he was always great. I’m listening to Richie’s “Follow” and am already feeling better. Happy Listening!









“Something Told the Wild Geese” and Me!!!

Something told the wild geese

It was time to go,

Though the fields lay golden

Something whispered, “snow.”Rachel Field

The radio told ME this morning that it was 28 degrees in NY! I hate the cold!!!!   So here I am in my basement with the electric heater on. This is where I “work.”  It’s a lovely routine, I get up; Look outside, perhaps bring the daily paper inside; put the Keurig pod coffee maker on; Go downstairs and put the computer and now the heater on…Voila, my early morning!  Routines are nice,they keep you grounded and are comforting. ““The modern world is chaotic, and many things are beyond our control,” says Dr. Sian Rawkins, head of ambulatory psychiatry at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital. Routines at home work to create a stable foundation that makes it easier to cope with an unpredictable world.”Kim Pittaway, Best Health Mag  At some point this morning, I’ll go shopping for things that both my household (Hubby and me) and my mom need and drive over to mom’s. She’s within 2 miles from my home, very convenient. At mom’s, another routine will commence as I make sure all is well with mom and her surroundings. I know I’ve remarked on this before, but elderly parents must be near their children, no doubt about it. I’m lucky that we were able to make this happen nearly 19 years ago on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!  Mom’s going to be 90 in early December…so fortunate that she’s still with us, is ambulatory and has all of her marbles!!!!  

Today in 1965, the soundtrack from The Sound of Music movie with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer hit #1 on the Billboard Charts. One song, Edelweiss, is similar to following a routine and the ease it can instill, with its lines: “Edelweiss, Edelweiss, Every morning you greet me.”Rodgers & Hammerstein

Well, every morning, I enjoy greeting my husband (who is still sound asleep upstairs since he’s on vacation this week); greeting the morning; the coffeemaker; the newspaper; the computer; my email…and starting the day. Each day may seem repetitious, but it’s never boring. “There IS comfort in routine.”-John Steinbeck



Life’s One Emergency…But Don’t Panic…Provide “Shelter from the Storm…” (Bob Dylan)

When you’re nearly 90 years old, as Mom will be in December, life becomes an emergency. Yesterday the whole left side of her mouth hurt and so I knew to go immediately to the oral surgeon. Xrays showed a lot of decay on at least 4 teeth. This wasn’t a surprise, her general dentist has been monitoring this area for a few years. As the oral surgeon tapped on each tooth, she found the one that was truly (we hope) causing the pain and removed it. Mom was a trooper because she had 2 needles and I know the 2nd needle that goes into the roof of the mouth is very painful. I’ve experienced much invasive dental work the last few years and know the scene well. After we returned home, I had mom drink water since she only had one glass in the morning and I’m always concerned about dehydration. I make mom write a tally mark on the home-made daily medication chart that I make up every week for her. Anyone out there with elderly parents, this is very important. You can easily monitor their medication and amount of water they’re drinking on a daily basis.  Then I made some fresh decaf for mom since she loves that and gave her a yogurt so she could then take her antibiotic, which she will be on for a week. As of last night, she had no pain and I hope it continues. I’ll go over early this morning. I am not rushing into making appointments with the oral surgeon for the other 3 teeth in the same area until I have to. I consulted with our general dentist yesterday afternoon and he advised me to wait…yes….those teeth do need to come out, but she’s going to be 90!!!!   He suggested I wait until something bothers her again.  So, that’s the route I am taking. It’s hard taking care of one’s elderly parents, there’s so much decision-making and self-doubt. Am I doing the right thing?  I always want to do the right thing by mom and hopefully I am.

Today, in 1974, Bob Dylan laid down the track, “Shelter From the Storm” on his wonderful album, “Blood On the Tracks,” definitely one of my favorite all time albums! I saw Dylan live in 1971 at George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh at Madison Square Garden.  Mom has given me “shelter from the storm” all of her life. I love her!!!