Singer/Songwriters/Musicians We Should Never Forget

buffy ste marie eric andersen melanie beautiful people mimi and dick farina album cover phil ochs i aint marchin anymore

Without music, life would be a mistake.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols

Singers, Performers, Songwriters, Songs, Lyrics that I will never forget that nourished my soul, stirred creativity, affirmed beliefs, provided comfort, encouraged anger, inspired, gave another voice to the love within…

Phil Ochs Watch the entire PBS American Masters episode on Phil who didn’t truly recognize his value, his penetrating lyrics, his enduring role as a spokesman for many of my generation.

Joan Baez:  The entire PBS American Masters episode isn’t available yet to view

Eve of Destruction-Barry McGuire

Universal Soldier-Written/performed by Buffy Sainte-Marie

For What It’s Worth-Buffalo Springfield

A Change Is Gonna Come-Sam Cooke

Jimmy Newman-Tom Paxton

Beautiful People-Melanie- I remember seeing Melanie at Carnegie Hall and on each seat was a pin that said, “I am a Beautiful People, Too.”

**Recent article on TIM HARDIN, a must read!

If I Were a Carpenter-Tim Hardin (Bobby Darin had a huge hit with his cover.)

Simple Song of Freedom (written by the great peformer, Bobby Darin) and covered by Tim Hardin (Bobby Darin had a hit with Tim’s “If I Were a Carpenter” and Tim returned the favor by recording Bobby’s song

Thirsty Boots-Eric Andersen

Close the Door Lightly When You Go-Eric Andersen

Violets of Dawn-Eric Andersen

Many a Mile-Patrick Sky

Separation Blues-Patrick Sky

Ira Hayes-Written by Peter LaFarge and performed by several artist-Here’s the cover I know by Patrick Sky. This song is based on a real person, Ira Hayes. Here is a photo of Ira Hayes and a cover by Johnny Cash.  Here’s information on Ira Hayes from Arlington National Cemetery.  Here’s an article on  Peter LaFarge, the songwriter (there are loud ads on this site, so turn volume down:

Pack Up Your Sorrows  performed by Mimi & Dick Farina with Pete Seeger: Mimi (Joan Baez’s younger sis) and then hubby Dick on Pete’s show.  Did you ever read Dick’s book, Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me?

You Been a Good Old Wagon performed by the great Dave Van Ronk

He Was a Friend of Mine performed by a younger Dave Van Ronk.

Morning Glory by the Late Tim Buckley, Ah Tim, Why’d you have to leave us so soon?????

The Road to Travel Written/performed by Bert Sommer, another young soul gone much too early! A timeless song, timeless sentiments, timeless struggles.

The Child’s Song performed by the unbelievable Tom Rush and written by Murray McLauchlan. I always related to this song having an older brother caught up in the some of the negative aspects of the 60s. Always brings tears to my eyes.

Mr. Bojangles written and performed by Jerry Jeff Walker whom I saw several times in the Village. For those outside of NYC, I mean Greenwich Village.  This is such a beautiful song made famous by  Sammy Davis, Jr, a multi-talented, one-of-a-kind performer. Here’s another great cover by David Bromberg.

Wild World written and performed by Cat Stevens who I saw in 1971 at the Gaslight in the Village. I also had a boyfriend who looked like him.

Morning, Morning performed by Richie Havens & written by Tuli Kupferberg of The Fugs. I first saw Richie with my brother at the Anderson Yiddish Theater on 2nd Ave in NYC.

Sam Stone written/performed by John Prine.

500 Miles written/performed by Hedy West. I always sang this song and still do today!!!!  There have been many covers, here’s Joan Baez and  Rosanne Cash.

Dink’s Song performed by Carolyn Hester. Many years ago, I took singing lessons with Ed McCurdy, who wrote “Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream,” on the Upper West Side and “Dink’s Song” is one of the songs he taught me which I still love.  He also taught me “Last Night…” Ed was a big loveable guy, loud, opinionated and a great singing teacher.

Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream performed at a 1971 rally in Washington, D.C. by John Denver, I was there!

Four Women written and performed by the great Nina Simone!

Flute Thing  by The Blues Project

Room to Move by John Mayall

Society’s Child by Janis Ian

Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho and Blind Man Stood on the Road performed by Josh White and includes Josh White speaking about the songs!

Freedom Road written by Josh White, Sr. and Langston Hughes and performed by Josh White, Jr. who still carries on the tradition and then some!!!!!


29 thoughts on “Singer/Songwriters/Musicians We Should Never Forget

  1. It seems that you and I are very much on the same page when it comes to musical taste. I’m a lyric gal. Always have been. I will be coming back to read more. Awesome work!

  2. Ilene — What a wonderful list, a hall of fame of memories as well as music. Thanks for dropping by the blog for my show, and for giving me a reason to discover this fun blog destination. I’ll be back.

  3. I’ve blogged on many of these songs. But I like the fact that you had Flute Thing by the Blues Project. One awesome song. I can see right now you’re a fellow hippie. lol…or maybe just a baby boomer like me.

    I hope you add one from Richie Havens. Our Woodstock artists are leaving us way too rapidly. Thanks for the like.

    • Definitely a “fellow” baby boomer/hippie/lover of folk music and most genres. Richie will be missed. Taken from us far too soon! Thanks for comment! Flute Thing? What a piece of music…genius…beautiful!!!!! I’m just so sad about Richie!

    • OMG….LUCKY YOU!!!!! How was he? I so loved so many of his songs, “Thirsty Boots,” “Violets of Dawn,” Close the Door Lightly When You Go,” “My Land is a Good Land” and so many more. I also thought he was so cute on the cover of his Bout Changes & Things Take 2! That is so wonderful you got to see him recently!!!!!

  4. Nice post, this hits me where I still live. British Isles folk is perhaps my most serious addiction, but there is so much great music, and so little time! And it looks as if I must find time to follow your blog, too, thanks.

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