5 thoughts on “STILL ON HIATUS

  1. Hope you are having a rejuvenating time on Hiatus and that the weather is agreeable. The last time I was on Hiatus the seagulls followed me constantly looking for scraps, but if you ignore them they go away eventually.
    All the best Ilene to you and your family, take good care of yourselves.

  2. Ilene, Thanks so much for checking in with us. I know that even doing this much can feel like quite an effort at times. I’ve had spells when it took all I could muster just to make a few telephone calls. Which sounds ridiculous, but it does seem to take considerable energy to communicate when our spirits are down, or our thoughts and feelings are centered elsewhere.

    Do rest and refresh yourself, and I hope you are taking the best care of yourself — I know you’re doing all you can for those you love. – Linda

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