The Sadness Addiction Leaves Behind

“Addiction begins with the hope that something “out there” can instantly fill up the emptiness inside.” Jean Kilbourne, Can’t Buy My Love

When I heard Philip Seymour Hoffman died, I knew it had to be a heroin overdose and when I heard they found him in his bathroom with a needle still in his arm, I was reminded of Lenny Bruce who was found the same way. We’ve all heard the specialists tell us that addiction is a disease and it is. It’s just so sad…he was someone’s beloved son…someone’s significant other….the father of 3 children whom he dearly loved and was very involved in their lives. Philip Seymour Hoffman had such gifts that we, the viewing audience, can revisit, but his family is left to grieve…to wonder what else they could’ve done…to mourn the abyss that will always be with them. I feel for them.





8 thoughts on “The Sadness Addiction Leaves Behind

  1. Nice Phil Ochs song and very appropriate. Another great actor dies from an overdose in a Manhattan Apartment. Heath Ledger a few years back and now Mr Hoffman. I loved Phil in Capote, the Master and Boogie Nights. Sorely missed.

  2. How many more addicts must die in this never ending war on drugs? How many soldiers must be put in harm’s way to protect the poppies? How many bankers profit off the drug trade? My heart goes out to all addicts who are sick and suffering. Nice tribute, Ilene.

  3. Somehow I found this news terribly sad. He seemed such a thoughtful actor, and it’s just such a waste of a talent. And what a very very good Phil Ochs to choose.

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