“February is Merely as Long as is Needed to Pass the Time until March.”-Dr. J.R. Stockton

Haiku by Ilene OnWords

February’s here!

We’re 1 month closer to spring,

THAT should bring a smile!

 “No great poet has ever been afraid of being himself.”-Langston Hughes

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite, favorite poets, Langston Hughes who wasn’t “afraid of being himself” as he faced very uncertain and dangerous times to be a Black man in America and a gay one at that. When I was a child, my mom used to read aloud his column, “Simple” in the NY Post. Simple was a character who was anything but simple and was Langston Hughes’s alter ego to comment on society.”In 1942, during World War II, Hughes began writing a column for the African American newspaper, the Chicago Defender. In 1943 he introduced the character of Jesse B. Semple, or Simple, to his readers. This fictional everyman, while humorous, also allowed Hughes to discuss very serious racial issues. The Simple columns were also popular–and they ran for twenty years and were collected in several books.”-kansasheritage.org  If you never read his biography, it’s well worth reading; he had an extremely interesting life; a troubled relationship with his dad; traveled widely; wrote prolifically and documented history through his poetry. I would use his poetry in my classroom and read his poems to my own 2 children.

10 thoughts on ““February is Merely as Long as is Needed to Pass the Time until March.”-Dr. J.R. Stockton

  1. Hey Ilene. Is that your name? I love reading your posts each day. I wrote a post on my blog which involves Bob Dylan and the Superbowl tomorrow. I thought you might be interested in reading. Cheers. Mat K

    • Matt: Just read your post, I loved it!!! I didn’t realize Dylan’s “I Want You” was being used for Chobani. I won’t be watching the Super Bowl, but I am curious about Chrysler’s commercial using his music. You know, when I hear the music that I have loved for so many years on commercials, I’m happy that the music is reaching a younger audience. Perhaps Dylan is giving his royalties away…we haven’t a clue…it would be nice…but…I don’t fault him. It doesn’t take away from his masterful songs, messages, lyrics!!!! Thanks so much, Matt!!!!

      On Sat, Feb 1, 2014 at 8:12 PM, Ilene On Words

      • Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately I saw the ad and wish I never had. It was like Fright Night part 6. CGI airbrush on Dylan was horrible. The message was trite. I genuinely enjoyed being a Bob Dylan fan (30 something years) up until seeing that ad. I thought it would have gone away after a good sleep. It hasn’t.

      • OMG, Matt, sorry to hear that!!!! Don’t let it interfere with the greatness of Dylan…one commercial can’t wipe out the man and his songs. I didn’t see it, though I did see Bruno Mars and even though I’m not a fan, he is very talented…danced just like James Brown!!!!

        On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 5:50 AM, Ilene On Words

      • I just wrote another post about the commercial. In fact the commercial from you tube is in it. I will try not to let it effect how I perceive the man’s greatness. Have a great day Ilene!

  2. ‘I, too, sing America’ – the simplicity of the words. The audacity to show reason.So powerful. This video is really great Ilene. Ty for bringing it to us! Can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this guy. His publications go on and on! I just downloaded, ‘Langston Hughes – Selected poems’. Looking forward to read it on my kindle. ‘Oh Blues!…Sweet Blues’.

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