“I Feel That My Whole Life is a Contribution.”-Pete Seeger


“Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”-Pete Seeger

The world has lost a beautiful flower, one of the Greatest Humanitarians it has ever seen or will see again: Pete Seeger. His life, his whole being, inspired me since I was a little girl of about 4 or 5 years of age when my mom bought his first long-playing LP of children’s songs for my birthday. As I evolved, got older, I saw Pete so many times at many different marches, rallies, events and at the old South Street Seaport when he first acquired the Clearwater Sloop and would dock the boat, hand out pumpkins, sing a few songs and bring along some friends to help. I remember one time, one of Pete’s young friends, Don McLean performed an unfinished “American Pie.”  Pete was an American Treasure and stood for the best of what we could each aspire to be. We will miss him.




10 thoughts on ““I Feel That My Whole Life is a Contribution.”-Pete Seeger

  1. Ilene, As the Irish say, I am heartily sorry for such a loss, a loss for all of us, who truly love this irreplaceable man, his enduring music and inspiring life. I won’t say “rest in peace” because it’s hard to imagine Pete Seeger wishing to rest. He’s earned it, and peace too. But he took the term ‘activism’ in earnest, always working for the good of humanity. May we all play our parts in the continuing struggle for justice and freedom half so well. – Linda

      • Now if you want higher wages, let me tell you what to do.
        You got to talk to the workers in the shop with you!
        You’ve got to build you a union, got to make it strong!
        But if you all stick together boys, it won’t be long …

        … if you wait for the boss to raise your pay,
        We’ll all be waiting till Judgment Day!
        We’ll all be buried.
        Gone to heaven.
        Saint Peter’ll be the straw boss then …

        Too right — that undemocratic angelic hierarchy can’t last long now. When they sing ‘solidarity forever’ — they’ll really mean it! – Linda

      • Hey….”Which side are you on, boys, which side are you on? Thanks, Linda, truly uplifted me!!!! Linda, there’s lots of good articles on Pete all over the internet.

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