“Joy, Sorrow, Tears, Lamentation, Laughter- To All These Music Gives Voice…”-Albert Schweitzer


I know I haven’t blogged in about 4 days; just not in the mood and this is after I renewed the blog for another year!!!!   My mom’s brother isn’t doing well, was told he doesn’t have much time and perhaps that has been getting me a little down. He’s my favorite uncle; a retired Professor Emeritus from a Pennsylvania college; a scholar whose books on some remote Habsburg Family in Vienna have been well-received; a man who marched during the Civil Rights Movement and just a loving uncle who made me laugh as a little girl when we held our seders in my bubbie’s home upstairs from my family. Even though doctors can estimate how much time a person may have, we never really know…so…I just hope my uncle remains at home and is comfortable. His major concern is finishing his book, but I heard that someone in Germany will be able to help him finish, so that is good news. He has been taken off of most meds except the Parkinson’s meds.  So, readers, keep my uncle in your thoughts. Thanks.

Other news for this day: Otis Redding released “Sitting On the Dock of the Bay” in 1968, a song that he co-wrote with Steve Cropper and the world sang along with The New Seekers when they released “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” in 1972. Both songs gave voice to so many feelings each and every one of us have had. I know I used to teach my students “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” and whenever Otis came on the radio, I was sitting there right with him singing.









6 thoughts on ““Joy, Sorrow, Tears, Lamentation, Laughter- To All These Music Gives Voice…”-Albert Schweitzer

  1. Ilene, – I hope for the best, for strength and peace, for you and your uncle. I’ve lost 4 aunts, an uncle, and my stepmother in the last two years. And somehow it’s still hard to get my thoughts and feelings around everything, no matter that they all had long, active lives, and none of them went unexpectedly. Even the aunt I never liked much (a personality mismatch, and her … lifelong unabashed selfishness and lack of consideration for anyone else, or what looked that way from the outside) has seemed to leave an emotional gap, especially for my mother and her remaining siblings. Their time is limited too, and no doubt this was another reminder of the fact.

    I’m glad your mom has such a caring person as you to help her through what must be a difficult time for her. Take care, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspirations with us. – Linda

    • Linda, I love hearing from you!!! Wouldn’t it be nice if we were neighbors??? When I retired, all of my colleagues were in Brooklyn. I don’t drive far anymore and have not seen them, but we do email and keep up in that way. I’m fortunate I have my husband who is such a dear and he works right in the town in which we live so I even see him lunch time!!!! It’s hard watching our parents lose their friends and siblings and facing our own mortality. My son already let me know that when I’m old, he’ll hire people to take good care of me…he’s not massaging feet like I do for mom!!! You know what…if he can afford it when the time comes, more power to him!!!!! Both of my children are good kids…out on their own…not married….maybe one day, but I know they’ll be there for us, if we need them. Thanks again, Linda, for such insightful and supportive responses!!! -Ileen

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