Tuesday Tidbits


“Show rooms keep closing behind me, but I just keep moving,”-Jack Jones

I’ve been a little lazy these past few days…no excuses…just pure laziness and haven’t felt like “moving” in terms of postings. Don’t you ever feel that way?  I’ve been doing my chores and stuff like that, but just didn’t feel like writing anything. Well, today I saw that where my son lives in Tamil Nadu in India, there was a huge annual harvest celebration called Pongal, which also is like our New Year’s with “out with the old, in with the new” and our Thanksgiving celebrations.” Pongal is directly associated with the annual cycle of seasons. It not only marks the reaping of the harvest, but also the withdrawal of the southeast monsoons in southern India. As the cycle of season rings out the old and ushers in the new, so is the advent of Pongal connected with cleaning up the old, burning down rubbish, and welcoming in new crops.”- Subhamoy Das 

Another tidbit of news…the other day my friend emailed me that Chennai (the large city of Tamil Nadu) was on the NY Times list of Top 52 Places to Go in 2014!!!!!   My husband and I are not travelers. I did all of that as a much younger woman before we ever met each other.

Yet another tidbit from my life: Years ago, when I started out teaching in Brooklyn, I was placed in what was considered a “troubled” school in a depressed area of Sunset Park. The school was situated in 2 buildings where one was designated as the “Annex” and the upper elementary students in Grades 5 and 6 were in that building. This was a huge bilingual education school with a large Spanish-speaking student body. I was hired as a Cluster teacher where I went from class to class teaching Science. Now I was not a Science major nor did I have an affinity for Science. I was an Elementary School teacher and I loved music. So…after doing a Science lesson, I would teach the kids a song and they loved it. After a few months there, I did get a teaching position, but was bumped. My first few years of teaching were like that…I was excessed quite a few times, bumped from school to school until I acquired a bit of seniority. It made me flexible and adaptable. Just today, I heard from one of those teachers I had become friendly with all those years ago and perhaps we’ll stay in touch. Can’t wait to share with her our life’s experiences.

American singer, Jack Jones was born today in 1938, Happy 76th BD, Jack!  As a young girl, I just thought he was so cute. As a music lover, I so enjoyed everything he crooned. He’s still performing and moves on from venue to venue all over the world. “Mel Torme once deemed Jones “the greatest ‘pure’ singer in the world”.Steve Murray, Cabaret Sources, Jan., 2012

So, since we’re still in the promises of 2014, perhaps we can all discard any of the old and annoying things that get in our way, clutter our mind and prevent us from enjoying the simple things in life and usher in new ways of dealing with stress and problems. I don’t know…life is day to day. The Pongal Festival in India also celebrates a noted Tamil Nadu poet, Tiruvalluvar who said, “It is compassion, the most gracious of virtues, Which moves the world.” Perhaps our humanity, our compassion will see its way thru all of the muck that continues to weave in and out of the greater picture of our lives.
















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