“There’s Nothing to Prove; Ev”rything’s Still the Same.”-Bob Dylan, Farewell Angelina


“My concern has always been for the people who are victimized, unable to speak for themselves and who need outside help.”-Joan Baez

Today I so celebrate the beautiful Joan Baez and all of her humanity in her 73rd year. Joan has “Nothing to Prove” and luckily for the world, she’s “Still the Same.”  I have been listening to Joan and following her doings for over 50 years, yes 50 years!  I know some of you out there have been doing the same for as long. Joan Baez has been in the forefront of so many issues that have plagued the World. She’s marched with Dr. King; inspired Vaclev Havel and others around the world to do better by their citizens; Joan stood alongside Nelson Mandela; She walked with Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo or sometimes known as Los Madres in Argentina,  mothers and grandmothers whose children and grandchildren suddenly disappeared from their lives and killed by the “Dirty War” (1975-1983), which began in the last year of government rule under Isabel Peron. (Folksinger, Richard Shindell wrote a haunting song for these Mothers and Grandmothers titled: Abuelita. If you’ve never heard it, try to listen on itunes, I couldn’t find it for free on You Tube). Through her commitment to Human Rights, she worked with Cesar Chavez in the fields and helped bring the working and living conditions of migrant workers to the forefront. Joan Baez has ceaselessly been a Citizen of the World. I Thank YOU Joan and Happy Birthday. Please Keep On Singing!














13 thoughts on ““There’s Nothing to Prove; Ev”rything’s Still the Same.”-Bob Dylan, Farewell Angelina

    • Wow…what are you doing in Bogota? Yeah, in NY, and it’s cold, but today was like spring at 22 degrees!!!! My son’s living in India for 2 years. I did my traveling when I was young, have no desire to go to an airport or get on a plane now and neither does my hubby.

      • I read about your son in your previous posts. Big adventure. I have a friends sister living in India doing similar things to your son.
        4 years ago I came here to see about a girl
        I hope to get to NY someday and navigate Greenwich village and visit the location of Bob’s Freewheelin’ photo amongst many other things.
        What amazes me about your blog is just how many people you can write about. It’s very impressive!

      • Thanks, Matthew. I haven’t been to the village in oh so many years. Can’t believe I started going there by train at the age of 12 or 13 and went to all the clubs as a teenager to hear so many folksingers. From what I hear and from what I’ve heard about the filming of Inside Llewyn Davis, it’s changed a lot and it was difficult for the Coen Bros to get authentic street and club scenes. I have my memories. I’m 60, so I guess I have a lot of memories.

      • What years did you hear the folksingers in the village? I think every city and every era has it’s little own Greenwich village, but the real Greenwich village has become the stuff of legend and rightly so.

      • Well, when I was very young, my older brother took me to see Richie Havens at the former 2nd Ave. Anderson Jewish Theater…He also took me to see Peter, Paul and Mary at Carnegie Hall probably when I was 12. On my own with friends in the village, I had to be at least 18 or 21, so I would say around early 70s and later.

      • Wow you were right in the mix of it. I saw that Woodstock documentary with Richie Havens. A great guitarist and how about those vocals! He was something else. I can see why you also have a lot to write about music and interesting people / influences. I recently read a memoir (ebook) of a man named John Brandt who was a family acquaintance of Dylan/Sara and kids at Woodstock. A great read. http://notesfollownotes.com/

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