As The Snow Falls…Taking Care of Our Elderly Parents

“THE SNOW had begun in the gloaming,

And busily all the night

Had been heaping field and highway

With a silence deep and white.”-James Russell Lowell, American Poet

Yes, last night the snow began falling, the roads began to ice over, cars squeezed themselves into driveways to allow plows to remove the snow. I knew that my 90-year old mom was safe in her home which is 2 miles away from me…close…that’s the point. Elderly must be close to their children, IF possible. All was well when I saw Mom very early yesterday morning before the snow’s onslaught and all was well as we talked numerous times throughout the day plus the numerous times Mom spoke with her granddaughter, my daughter, during the day. Well…after 9pm, my daughter called to say that Grandma’s phone was busy. I knew that meant Mom didn’t turn the phone off. Both my husband and I knew that, but how doyou know for sure????   Yes, we got into hubby’s Honda since it was parked in front of my Subaru (the best in snow) and my Subaru was covered. Mom was surprised to see me burst into her guest room where she was watching TV and I saw the phone’s screen said, “Line in Use.”  This has happened before. To avoid this, I now always say to Mom when we’re saying “Goodbye,” to “Turn off the phone” and I listen. Now my daughter will do the same.

We don’t plan on going anywhere today. I know Mom has cooked food in freezer and luckily, we didn’t lose electricity or heat and I am assuming Mom didn’t as well. We’ll talk later when she gets up. YES, I will write notes near each phone when I return to Mom’s that will boldly say, “TURN OFF THE PHONE.”

For those of you on the East Coast, Stay Safe, Stay Warm and Take Care of your elderly parents…if you can.

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.”Tia Walker, The Inspired Caregiver: Finding Joy While Caring for Those You Love




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