“If They Give You Ruled Paper, Write the Other Way”-Juan Ramon Jimenez


The title of today’s posting is something I can relate to in how I’ve lived my life. In my own small way, I’ve done what I’ve wanted to do without caring for what others thought. I taught what I knew should be taught; I married whom I wanted to marry; I marched against the Vietnam War; I marched in Anti-Nuke rallies; I didn’t stay within the boundaries of the status quo…in my own small way. Spanish poet, Juan Ramon Jimenez was born on Christmas Eve in Spain in 1881 and received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1956.

“There are three periods that can be seen in the work of Juan Ramon: the sensitive period, the intellectual period, and the sufficient or true period.”classicspanishbooks

I Am Not I by Juan Ramon Jimenez (Translated by the poet, Robert Bly)

 I am not I.

              I am this one

walking beside me whom I do not see,

whom at times I manage to visit,

and whom at other times I forget;

the one who remains silent while I talk,

the one who forgives, sweet, when I hate,

the one who takes a walk when I am indoors,

the one who will remain standing when I die.









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