My Mom and Jay- Z

Mom at 90 

“Everyone needs a chance to evolve.”-Jay-Z

My Mom and Jay- Z share the same birthday. She was born Dec. 4th, 1923 and Jay- Z was born in 1969; two great minds born on the same day.

Mom is the 2nd oldest out of 5 children. Her dad made beautiful womens’ coats and when he finally “made it,” he had his own factory in the Garment District of NYC. I have memories of all the pins on the tables and I would use a huge magnet to gather them all together. I also remember riding the coat racks, you know, those silver ones with swivable ball feet. My grandmother came over at about 13 years of age from Brest Litovsk (in Russia) and mom’s dad emigrated from Poland. They met here in the U.S.A. Mom grew up speaking Yiddish and learned English when she attended public school in Brooklyn. She lived in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn all her life and I was born there. After dad died, she moved closer to me and maintains her own home nearby, less than 2 miles away, so that’s why I’m there everyday. 

One day, when Mom and Bubbie (Grandma) were sitting on the bench in front of the house, Bubbie told her she must return to college.(Mom had dropped out to help the family financially.) The boys (her brothers) all had their chance and now she must return. So she did…with my little 6 or 7 year old self in tow, to register and went for 10 years at night. Given the chance, she evolved.

Jay- Z is also a Brooklyn born and bred individual and the youngest of 4 children in his family. He grew up in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn in the Marcy Projects. How far Shawn Carter has come since those days!  How he has evolved!

Happy 90th to Mom and Happy 44th to Jay Z!

May They Both Keep On Evolving & Rapping!

 Happy Birthday to Mom and Mr. Jay-Z

Both Hardworking People & Not Lay-Z

Very Strong Minds That Aren’t Hay-Z

Quite, Quite Sane & Not Cray-Z.

Happy 90th Mom & 44th Jay-Z




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