Seeking Inspiration

“Inspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you find it.”-Bob Dylan

Sometimes a song will inspire me to write my posting; other times the birth of an author or poet. Yesterday and today, just don’t have that inspiration to write! I’m sure it will reappear. So, just will let you know what I’ve been doing…the USUAL. Enjoying my daily morning routine of coffee and sitting at my computer; exercising a little…I am making sure to do 30 min. on the treadmill or 2 miles. If I ate less, then I would lose weight and I should lose a few pounds. In the mornings, I see mom…sometimes make her breakfast if she hasn’t done so already. Yes, tomorrow Mom will be 90 and she can make her own coffee and cook for herself though I do most of the cooking and I leave frozen meals that I’ve prepared in her freezer. If the weather is nice, mom will drive with me to the supermarket and get some walking done there. I look over mom’s mail, do a little cleaning, take her garbage out, check her caller id for unwanted calls. Oh, must tell you, I bought new phones for mom and myself where on the phone itself, you can block up to 250 numbers!!!!!   We get so many robotic calls, scam calls, etc. Here is the phone: Panasonic KXTG7875S DECT 6.0 5-Handset High Quality Phone System with Answering Capability  I have been telling all of my friends about it. I can even block “Out of Area” without a phone number listed. You can set the phone to ring only 1 time (at a very low volume) when it is a blocked number trying to reach you.

My daughter, a lawyer, was at a top law firm, but they were keeping her in a division that didn’t inspire her, banking. She just started a new job yesterday at a new law firm, same salary, same bonus, but in another division. It’s also closer to her apt. She’s a hardworker, smart young lady and this new firm will be very happy they hired her. My son just returned from a Thanksgiving break in Sri Lanka and loved it. He is living in India for 2 years teaching at a private K-12 school and is living a life we could only dream of here in the U.S. Teachers are highly respected by ALL: Administrators, Parents, Students, Community.

Well, I guess I did find my inspiration after all. Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “Seeking Inspiration

  1. I’m sure you are an inspiration to your family as well. I wish I could teach in an environment like what your son has found in Sri Lanka. In Florida, they’re planning on releasing every teacher’s evaluation ratings to the public based on a system no one can understand.

    • They want to do the same in NY. It’s terrible!!!! You know, my son’t girlfriend was recently observed in India (they vacationed in sri lanka) and no lesson plans were necessary!!!! The admin wanted to just see teaching, rapport, the important things!!!!!!

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