Thumbs Up Wednesday

“Kindness in words creates confidence.”-Lao Tzu

First of all, I want to simultaneouslyThank ALL those who have previously nominated me for various awards and Apologize for not following through. It was very nice of you and I am so happy that you have been enjoying my blog which I started this past January. It’s going to be a year soon and I decided not to be lazy, but to finally respond to another blogger who just nominated me forThe Liebster Award, Anne Lawson.

Anne gave me a list of 10 questions and you can glean what they are by my responses:

1.Blogging has given me a creative outlet and also invites me to do research on a superficial level, but just enough to use my brain power and keep fit mentally. I’m a retired teacher and teaching is in my blood.

2.My blogging has evolved into just doing daily postings as opposed to updating the pages that I created. In fact, it will be a year soon since I blogged and I will probably do away with the pages and maybe change the format….not sure yet.

3.My fave time of day is early morning. I’ve always risen very early. I love the solitude and my morning routine.

4.Fave season is spring, not too warm not too hot. I totally detest winter; it makes life so hard!

5.Bob Dylan, for sure, had a huge impact on my life. It’s hackneyed, I know, but to me he is the Poet of My Generation.

6.Dylan took what was going on in the world and voiced it through his music and gave us a voice that we used at rallies, marches, at school, in our homes.

7.A handmade possession that I have is a photo from 1978 of my husband and I where my son added the phrase, “Love Endures All Things” and framed it beautifully. Also my son gave me a beautiful handmade card with a photo of the 2 of us for Mother’s Day. Oh Wait…One More Thing…about a year ago, my son was teaching a class on Speed Reading and he ended the course with telling his adult students about his parent’s upcoming 31st Wedding Anniversary…what he said brought tears to our eyes…and the class waved to us and wished us a Happy Anniversary and my son uploaded it onto YOUTUBE!!!!

8.Never would I want to eat tripe again in my lifetime. Had it once and got a stomach ache.

9.If I could be any bird,I would be a Canadian Goose. I see them everyday in my park where I walk. They’re hearty and very family-oriented.

10.Portugal was one of the most interesting places that I have ever been. I was there in 1974 when the government changed and people were marching in the street. The people were so nice and the country so beautiful.

Here are the 10 Blogs I would nominate for The Liebster Award and why:

Jeff Moore’s My Everyday PowerJeff is a young man (a teacher and motivational coach) who truly wants to help people of all generations envision and fulfill their dreams and goals in life. Very inspirational and motivating blog!

Jeff Nguyen (love the name Jeff!) at Deconstructing MythsJeff is a also another young man (and yes, a teacher!) who has some very strong feelings and concerns about the trajectory our country and other countries and peoples are taking or not taking. He is also an excellent writer.  Very thought provoking! 

StephiaMadelyne and ArtOfTheFamiliar.comOh, I see she’s has already been awarded The Liebster Award…well, maybe there are other bloggers viewing this that have not heard of her yet. Stephia Madelyne is a wonderful photographer who stirs emotions with her subjects and she also has excellent quotes.

Mark’s I’m Gonna Study the RainMark is from Scotland. He writes in various genres, is into music and photography, has a great sense of humor and from our correspondence, seems like a nice guy.

M Holloway of If I Only Had a Time MachineI so enjoy Holloway’s historical, literary, etc.  tidbits for each day of the month!

Ivon Prefontaine of Teacher as TransformerThis blog is so calming, soothing, serene. Ivon is also a teacher and once a teacher always a teacher. He also reblogs very interesting posts.

LL Frederick at Take Heart at  First of all I always receive such warm and insightful responses from this blogger. Her blog is so full of interesting facts in literature, music…she has quotes and recipes…just an enjoyable learning experience each time I visit!

Lynell George of Native to the Place  Lynell is a columnist and writes about a potpourri of subjects and has great, great photos on her blog.  She writes in-depth postings and also enjoys music, politics, poetry and so much more!

Music of Our HeartPreaching to the choir here…I love all the music this blog reports on. It’s also heartwarming that his son is very interested in the same music, too and share’s his dad’s passion.

Paul Mark Sutherland of GYA (Give Yourself Away)This is such an inspirational and motivational blog. Love the quotes, illustrated quotes, and just the fact that he is urging us to give ourselves away and do good!

Questions from IleneOnWords to the 10 Nominees for The Liebster Awards:

1.What was the last enjoyable book that you read and why?

2.What is one of your all time fave poems?

3.Which one song has inspired you and why?

4.How do you start your morning routine?

5.How has your family impacted who you are today?

6.What was the last enjoyable movie that you saw and why?

7.If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you choose and why?

8.How has blogging changed your life or inspired you?

9.Who are 2-5 inspirational people or role models in your life?

10.What role does good food play in your life?




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