My Second Home

The public library is my 2nd home, always has been, even as a child growing up in Brooklyn. I realize the internet has taken its place in the hearts and minds of many individuals, but it’s still so nice to enter a library. I love seeing people in the library sitting at the computers, browsing the shelves, lining up by the Reference Desk for inquiries. I love to see that…but it’s rare. Our libraries are underused by generations growing up where information is a click away. When my daughter was 3, she proudly walked into our library like a little prize fighter and asked for a library card. She got it since she could write her first and last name. The library was a special place that I frequented with my own 2 children; scheduled trips to with my students and visited several times a week as a teacher to pore over books and select just the right ones for my students. Now I research books that I think my nearly 90 year old mom will like, order them through the library and just pick them up when they arrive. My mom was a reader and as a child I was a voracious reader and so was my daughter. Educators, psychologists, researchers have written that if parents model reading, their children will read. Really?  My son didn’t like to read OR write, so I read to him and I also asked him questions and he dictated his answers for me to write down. I have such lovely memories when we would lie down and share books, I would read, he would read. He didn’t really become a reader until he was close to finishing his B.A. in of all things: ENGLISH!!!!   Then he immediately went onto an MA in Teaching Adolescents English Language Arts, so you never know the direction your children will take. The fact that mom was a teacher and a guidance counselor and I was a teacher made us very proud my son was following in our footsteps. Now he reads a lot, probably on his ipad. He left NYC teaching to teach in India and loves it.

The public library is an important resource in every community and I just wish more people would frequent it. Just go in, read the daily newspapers, say good morning to the people working behind the Circulation Desk, show your appreciation that there IS a library in your community.

4 thoughts on “My Second Home

  1. Thank you, Ilene, I love libraries too! I’m not so sure that the library hasn’t been my first home, if home is where the heart is. And we won’t mention that … at one time … my overdue book fines approached the size of house payments. Well, almost. At the very least, there should be half a row of books in my hometown library, with my name on all the ‘Ex Libris’ labels. Do they still use them? I haven’t noticed many in recent years.

    I’m always surprised there are so many people who don’t like to read, which I consider a sad affliction, like being color-blind or lacking a sense of smell. My stepdaughter’s older girl is a capable reader, yet she considers it a punishment to read for 20 minutes every day. (She has such an unreasonable – former English teacher – mother!) When she complains to me, I just tell her she’s weird, and that I would consider it punishment if I could ** ONLY ** read for 20 minutes a day! It’s a vice, but I just don’t care any more. If it’s my worst one, (and don’t ask), folks will be lucky! – Linda

    • Always a pleasure to read your comments, Linda! I would be at a loss without books and the library! Well, at least you paid your fines…think of all the people who do not pay their fines!!!! I hope the library never becomes extinct!!!!!

  2. Thank you for this post ~ Love the library – always have and always will! My home away from home as a child was also always whatever second hand bookstore was in the neighborhood where I was living at the time (we move a lot). I discovered some of the most amazing books and authors this way (easy to gamble when the book is going for a quarter!)… Magical places and I still have a fondness for small independent bookstores and second-hand shops, seeking them out wherever I am! xox

    • I agree…I used to love walking around 2nd hand bookstores as well!!!! My daughter, who was truly a ravenous reader as a child, hasn’t made time to read as a young adult (31) and is a lawyer. Well, she has been off from work for 2 weeks and has been reading and just said that she realizes how much she misses reading and how smart reading has made her!!!! She’s starting a new job at a new law firm on 12/2, so she took vacation time and went to Barnes and Noble a lot. I only wish she’d go to her neighborhood library!!!!!!

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