“Always In My Heart”-Gannon and Lecuona

“You are always in my heart, Even though you’re far away”Kim Gannon and Ernest Lecuona

My dad served in the South Pacific in WW II. He suffered burns all over his body when he had to jump from a flaming ship; He suffered malaria and its after-effects; He suffered nightmares all his life. He was not a well man due to the war, plus he had a difficult childhood. Dad NEVER spoke about his time in WW II nor did he speak of his childhood; he kept that bottled in. Through it all, he was a great father to me and a great husband to my mom; theirs was a very loving marriage. He was also a loving grandfather and a very generous man. I get my love of music from him…he could sure whistle a tune and had a lovely voice and was light on his feet. I remember listening to a 78 rpm record that he recorded and sent to my mom of “Always in My Heart,” a WW II song. Have no idea where that record is. Still miss him. It’s almost 23 years since he left us. Mom misses him every day. Rest In Peace, Dad.

Let Us Remember Our Veterans.

4 thoughts on ““Always In My Heart”-Gannon and Lecuona

  1. Thank you for this post. No matter what one thinks of war, and the men who wage it (for it IS mostly men), we should honor those who served. My husband’s father fought in WWII and never spoke of it, until a bit later in his life. My uncle was in Vietnam, and the same. My brother, more recently, was in one of the first units into Fallujah and also Bagdad (after serving in Afganistan) and as well, has remained mostly silent. The atrocities these men I know, (in just my family, mind you), were forced to endure… (from what little I do know)… It is gut-wrenching. Every man and woman I am aware of has served has come home from war disallusioned and hurt. I don’t know towards what end, what purpose this all serves… but I do know how much love and respect I have for anyone willing to put their life on the line in this way.

    • I agree with you. “It’s always the old to lead us to the war, always the young to die.”-Phil Ochs
      My dad would’ve had a better life if he had not endured WW II…psychologically and physically; perhaps he would’ve had more time to watch his beloved grandchildren grow up. Lucky mom is still around. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments!

  2. “It’s always the old to lead us to the war, always the young to die.”-Phil Ochs: exactly. Or as Bob Dylan sung, in one of the best anti-war songs I know:
    “You hide in your mansion’
    As young people’s blood
    Flows out of their bodies
    And is buried in the mud.” (Masters of War)

    • You may be a lot younger than me, but it’s so heartening to hear that you embrace the fine words of such wonderful poets, activists, songwriters!!!!!! Great is great no matter the age or generation!!!!!

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