“Folk Music Has Always Contained a Concern for the Human Condition.”-Mary Travers

As I’ve written before in other posts, I received my first transistor radio for my 6th grade graduation from elementary school and that radio brought such joy into my life as I listened to a great DJ, Jerry White, on WJRZ play young Bob Dylan, young Joan Baez, young Pat Sky, young Peter, Paul & Mary. I was young then too, 10? (A few months ago, Jerry’s daughter somehow found my posting and contacted me and told me, to paraphrase, that her dad, before he died, recounted those days as some of his happiest days!). I loved Peter, Paul & Mary and bought all of their albums. For my 10th birthday, my older brother took me to Carnegie Hall to see them! Their first album has them against the brick wall inside The Bitter End ( venue I frequented in the village). That album reached #1 on the Billboard Charts today in 1963. Throughout the years I used the music of Peter, Paul & Mary in the classroom and on the stage of the school to promote peace, love, tolerance, social justice, history, English, current events and just the love of music.

“If we are going to teach the world to stop hating the different, the other, then we’re going to have to start with children.”-Mary Travers

Here’s one of my favorite off the first LP that I continue to sing to this day:


6 thoughts on ““Folk Music Has Always Contained a Concern for the Human Condition.”-Mary Travers

  1. I love Peter, Paul and Mary too. Initially I thought they were just cover artists until I looked at their second and third albums and saw they’d been where my aunt and uncle learnt a lot of stuff they used to sing with their guitars. I also have a lot of respect for how they were the first people to make songs by Bob Dylan and John Denver well known. Think I might even do In The Wind on my blog in December.

    • Many, many years ago, PP&M may have been viewed too harshly as commercial…they couldn’t help it if they were great singers, great musicians, great interpreters!!!! They were very active and their music enhanced and deepened all those with a social conscience. Where did your aunt and uncle study? Thanks so much for your comment and stopping by!

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