“The Times They Are A-(STILL) Changin’”- Bob Dylan

“If you take whatever there is to the song away – the beat, the melody – I could still recite it.”-Bob Dylan 1965LA Free Press Interview

Today, in 1963, a young Bobby Dylan  (Phil Ochs referred to “Bobby” Dylan this way in his song, “Ringing of Revolution” as he described casting the song as a movie where Phil Ochs was cast as “Bobby” Dylan.)  was in the recording studio laying down tracks for his album, “The Times They Are A-Changin’” with such emotionally charged tracks as the title song, “When The Ship Comes In,” “Ballad of Hollis Brown,”  “With God On Our Side,”  “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll,” and beautiful ballads such as “Boots of Spanish Leather.”  I was 10 years old; I had an older brother and so, of course, we bought that album and all of Dylan’s albums. The album was released in 1965 before Dylan’s infamous electric guitar fury during his Newport Folk Festival performance that summer. When you read the lyrics of Dylan’s songs, they still more than hold up today. A great poet/thinker is timeless. Long Live Bobby Dylan!!!!

10 thoughts on ““The Times They Are A-(STILL) Changin’”- Bob Dylan

  1. Hi Ilene. I’ve read your article as requested. I think you’ll find it was this day in 1963 he was recording those tracks because by October 1964 he’d already released the follow-up, Another Side of Bob Dylan. Thanks for checking out my blog. I’ll be looking at both the 1964 albums next year and some of the others as well.

  2. Beautiful post. And such a phenomenal work. Boots of Spanish leather is a favorite of mine too. I am thinking that was one he did for Suze Rotolo when she went to study in Italy?

  3. A beautiful song indeed. You would think I’d grow old of a song that I’ve heard 7,384 times before and in virtually every case I would. But not so with The Times They Are A-Changin’. The simplicity, yet poignancy, of the lyrics never fails to blow me away.

    And I’m always thrilled to see Phil Ochs mentioned anywhere. In my opinion Phil is probably the most underrated musician of our lifetime. Phenomenal (and courageous) lyrics. His songs are as pertinent today as they were when he penned them in the 60’s. I’m still angered with his leaving us so early in life. We could definitely use his wit, wisdom and song in today’s difficult times. Coincidentally I queued-up a Phil Ochs song yesterday on my blog, covermeimpressed.com. Please visit.

    • I’ll get over to your blog to give a listen to Phil. I’ve mentioned Phil in several postings since I started last Jan. He certainly felt he was underrated and suffered from depression. I used to teach my students his songs…students from all over the world. Oh what he would have to say if he were still with us!!!!!!! Thanks so much!

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