Future Friday Not So Future Anymore!

“Society needs people who take care of the elderly and who know how to be compassionate and honest. Society needs people who work in hospitals. Society needs all kinds of skills that are not just cognitive; they’re emotional, they’re affectional. You can’t run the society on data and computers alone.”-Alvin Toffler

How true the above quote is, especially when I relate it to my nearly 90-year old mom whom I take care of. With all of the technology we have, human kindness needs to be overflowing.

Randy Newman wryly sang about that in “I Think It’s Going to RainToday,” which is quite true today on the east coast.

“Bright before me the signs implore me

To help the needy and show them the way

Human kindness is overflowing

And I think it’s going to rain today”


Writer/Futurist, Alvin Toffler was born today in 1928. I remember reading his groundbreaking book, Future Shock, in 1970. Toffler is also credited with first using the phrase, informational overload.

“Forty years ago, America was gripped by Future Shock. It was a book, published in July of 1970 — but it was also an idea. It was the notion that life was changing faster and faster — in everything from technology to family structure to politics. People were moving more, throwing away their belongings sooner and having to adapt more often to new kinds of work. The result was a kind of culture shock of the future — future shock. But what about their book’s main prediction — the idea that change is speeding up, and that it threatens to overwhelm us? Alvin Toffler says he sees it happening, and that others do now, too. “In the past, you made a decision and that was it. Now, you make a decision and you say, ‘What happens next?’ There’s always a next,” he says. –npr.org July 2010

The future is now; we must take care of our elderly, our children, our most vulnerable citizens of the world and incorporate technology to benefit and enhance how they are taken care of.

*Note: I hope this works; for some reason sound is working on my computer!













4 thoughts on “Future Friday Not So Future Anymore!

      • Oh it still is! Sort of a classic staple, almost on par with Neil Postman’s work, though not quite a Marshall McLuhan (though I went to Graduate School at the New School – and McLuhan is a bit of an idol there…). Fascinating read.

      • I know the New School very well,too!!! Yes, know Postman and McLuhan’s work very well…as well!!!!! Thanks!

        On Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 7:42 AM, Ilene On Words

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