Wonderful Wednesday Music

August 14th in Music History brings some lovely voices to our ears:

Sarah Brightman was born in 1960, Larry Graham in 1946 and a fabulous entertainer, singer, piano player, Buddy Greco in 1926. I remember seeing Buddy Greco on TV, probably on the Ed Sullivan Show. All 3 singers are still alive. Mr. Greco is 87, Ms Brightman is 53 and Larry Graham, a singer, songwriter, master guitarist of “funk” is 67. Larry Graham played with Sly Stone, had his own band, Graham Central Station and a voice smooth as silk. I loved his big hit, “One in a Million.” Sarah Brightman we all know from Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals, an amazing voice!

 “Buddy can make anything swing – nobody comes close in that department.” – Frank Sinatra

 “There is really no other way to explain Larry Graham’s place in the evolution of bass guitar. Simply put, there’s bass before Larry Graham, and there’s bass after Larry Graham.”-bassmusicianmagazine


“Sarah Brightman is the biggest-selling soprano of all time with a career that spans three decades and is most often considered to be the main pioneer of classical crossover.”classical-crossover





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