“Love’s In Need of Love Today.”-Stevie Wonder

Yesterday I took mom for her bloodwork at the lab. I specifically waited for the phlebotomist that drew my blood last week because she was great…didn’t pinch…got the blood flowing on the first try. Like in every profession, there are good, not so good, very good, excellent technicians. When I told her that she was wonderful and that we waited just for her, her face lit up with the most magnificent smile and she just chatted away with us and was very attentive to my nearly 90-year old mom. I hope that smile lasted throughout the day. How hard is it to acknowledge a job well done? Those of us who have always strived to do our best can live without the acknowledgement, the pat on the back, the compliment, the “Thank you;” but, you know what, when it happens, it’s nice to hear and if it brings some happiness to someone’s day, that’s a good thing. Share the love.

Here’s Stevie and George Michael at The Apollo, NYC in 1985. Listen to what Stevie says in introducing the song…still relevant:








4 thoughts on ““Love’s In Need of Love Today.”-Stevie Wonder

  1. So kind of you to say, Ilene. It’s one that I knew would be provocative, and I appreciate the support, Btw, when I was 13 years old in 1979, I belonged to an improvisational theatre troupe that performed skits centered around teenage issues. We were booked in various towns and high schools and colleges throughout New Jersey. The second collection of shows we did was called “Love’s in Need of Love Today”…inspired by the Stevie Wonder song. One of the acting teachers for our group would perform the song while playing his guitar. That music certainly brings back a lot of memories…thank you for the nostalgia trip! And please check in after you’ve seen “Fruitvale Station”! ML

    • I definitely will get back to you after seeing Fruitvale Station, but you’ll have a wait. My husband and I usually wait for movies to come on cable. So you’re a Jersey boy? I’m a Brooklyn gal. I taught in Brooklyn for over 30 years and did a lot of theater in my classroom and with other classes as well and used a lot of music to inspire the students. Thanks for visiting and commenting!!!!!!!

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