All His Bags are Packed…He’s Ready to Go!

The Great Separation

Today my son will separate from the world he has known to the land of India.

Today my son will leave his parents and sister and grams for 2 years.

Today my son will depart the world of readily available fresh drinking water, 24/7 electricity, long telephone conversations with his grams, a bi-weekly salary, traffic lights and cars that yield to pedestrians (for the most part), streets that are easier to navigate (for the most part), NYC.

Today my son will jet to a new life with his girlfriend.

A life with many new beginnings.

The Great Separation is synonymous to The Great Beginning.

My son will begin to steep himself in a new culture, a new language, a new way of eating, speaking, listening, teaching, traveling, living.

My son will arise under a hotter sun and monsoon days.

My son will create new possibilities.

My son will set forth his life, separate from his family and fortified with their love.


***Here are 2 great songs about leaving:




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