“STOP the World– I Want to Get Off!”-Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse

“Music Can Change the World because Music Can Change People.”Bono

When we hear and see so many of the injustices that take place everyday in our world, have we ever felt hopeless? Did we ever want to shout, “STOP the World—I Want to Get Off?” I wonder what the duo of actor/composer/singer, Anthony Newley and writer/composer/lyricist, Leslie Bricusse were thinking when they came up with that great title for their musical which opened today in London in 1961. The musical also ran on Broadway from 10/62 to 2/64. “This thought-provoking piece by one of Britain’s foremost writing teams of the 50s and 60s tells of the ephemeral nature of worldly success, where that success is achieved to the detriment of one’s personal happiness, and one of the efforts of the hero, Littlechap, to apply some braking effect on the world which, for him, is spinning out of control.”Guide to Musical Theatre

 I remember watching Anthony Newley on TV, he was great…not the greatest voice, but definitely a distinct voice with heart. (You may also remember he was once married to the actress, Joan Collins.)

4 truly beautiful songs went onto have lives of their own from that musical: “Gonna Build a Mountain,” “Once In a Lifetime,” “What Kind of Fool Am I?” and “Who Can I Turn To?”  We can all hear these tunes in our heads as we read the titles…beautiful melodies and lyrics…everlasting songs.

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