“Lean On Me.”-Bill Withers

“Lean on me when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend. I’ll help you carry on. For it won’t be long ’til I’m gonna need somebody to lean on.”-Bill Withers

On July 8th, 1973, Bill Withers song, Lean On Me soared to #1 on the charts. RollingStone Magazine listed it in its 2004 compilation,  The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. In 2009, a great documentary on Bill Withers, Still Bill, was released. If you haven’t seen it, do so…very good!! “Lean On Me” was also featured on the soundtrack of the movie about Joe Clark in NJ also titled Lean On Me. In 2009, Mary J. Blige selected “Lean On Me” to celebrate the election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the U.S. at We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial. In 2013, “Lean On Me” still stands strong, a testament to its songwriter, that a good song is a good song and relevant throughout the ages.


3 thoughts on ““Lean On Me.”-Bill Withers

  1. Hi Ilene I was just on my way over. I’ve been listening to Bill Withers since I was a teenager and have always been a big fan. I don’t think there is anyone else who has got such an effortlessly laid back soulful voice that somehow still manages to be powerful. I love this song, it’s a classic as is “Ain’t No Sunshine” which in my opinion is possibly the perfect pop song, and I don’t mean to demean it by calling it a pop song. I think I’ve seen the documentary you are referring to, I’ve seen one documentary about him and even though I admired him before my admiration for was even higher after watching it. Such a nice down to earth guy. The one I saw he went to visit a load of kids who had problems with stuttering as does he and they sang a song for him and he was so moved by it. I must admit I myself was in tears. A great man indeed, thanks for this….
    I just checked and it was the same documentary.

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