“Music Should Never Be Harmless”-Robbie Robertson

Happy Birthday to Robbie Robertson of The Band who was born July 5th, 1944. I remember my brother bringing home Music From Big Pink, which was recorded in Saugerties, NY right near Woodstock. I had first heard of them through the music of Bob Dylan who used The Band when he went on tour ‘65/’66 in the U.S. and was rumored to sit in on their sessions at Big Pink and jam with them. Originally from Canada (1 member from Arkansas), and having gone through several band names, The Band brought together excellent musicians, singers, & songwriters that fused several genres of American Music: Folk, Rock and Roll, Country, Native American, Rhythm and Blues, Rockabilly. Listening to Robertson’s The Weight and The Band’s interpretation of Dylan’s, I Shall Be Released thrilled me. It’s sad we lost Levon Helm not that long ago, but his “barn” concerts are still going strong in Woodstock. Both Rick Danko and Richard Manuel died years ago. The Band’s music still lives on and is still wonderful. And…if you’ve never seen Martin Scorsese’s film on their last concert, The Last Waltz (1978), all about The Band, then see it, it’s great.









4 thoughts on ““Music Should Never Be Harmless”-Robbie Robertson

  1. Thanks for this. The Band is/was my favorite group. I was just listening to Robbie’s Storytime album the other day. He’s quite the professional musician. A documentary on Levon Helm came out a few weeks ago, but I missed it

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