Remembering an Inspiring Singer/Songwriter, Tim Buckley

“He had no formal musical education, no knowledge of chords and no knowledge of composition. But he did it. And he did it well.”Lee Underwood on Tim Buckley, 2000 Rhino Records

On June 29th, 1975, Tim Buckley died at the young, tender age of 28, a victim of a heroin overdose. (As many of you know, his son, Jeff, also died tragically young at approximately 31 years of age due to a drowning.) I had Tim Buckley’s albums in the 60s and 70s and would listen to them constantly. His voice was beautiful, yet haunting. There is a film out there featuring the music of both Tim and Jeff Buckley, “Greetings from Tim Buckley,” haven’t seen it yet. In 2013, Tim Buckley’s songs stand strong and remain beautiful. Read the Tim Buckley site to get a full bio on him and also the Tim Buckley Archives site.

4 thoughts on “Remembering an Inspiring Singer/Songwriter, Tim Buckley

  1. Hi Ilene,
    May I hook you up with Jann Klose, who sings Tim Buckley’s parts in GREETINGS FROM TIM BUCKLEY? He did his homework before working on the movie and is continuing to study him. Folks from Tim’s band have been reaching out to him, plus Jann reached out to Larry Beckett, who we can also hook you up with.

    Jann is also a big Herman Hesse fan, too! There are other folks you’ve covered he also admires.

    This is Jann’s song, MAKE IT BETTER.
    Great lyrics and a new quote c/o Jann, “If you don’t know love, you don’t know life.”


    • Hi Again, Anne! Pass my blog onto any of the people that you mentioned. It’s been too long a time since I could talk to anyone about many of the musicians and songwriters I grew up listening to. My older brother is dead and I don’t have any connections with past friends I went to concerts with. This blog has helped me reconnect and meet people who enjoy the same music that I do and realize it’s relevancy to 2013. As a retired teacher, it’s also my way of reaching out to younger people who may not be familiar with many of the folkies/and other musicians that I admired and continue to get inspiration from. So, thanks again!

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