NEW BEGINNINGS On This Friday Morning

“The Secret O’Life is enjoying the passage of time.”-James Taylor

This morning, our friend’s son is leaving to teach and live in Ghana for 2 years. This is a young man who literally had to make things happen on his own. I’m not totally sure of his beginnings, but I know they were very difficult, including not living with his biological parents and living in a foster-like situation that was negative. Our son met “C” in high school and we became close to the point he referred to us as “Momma” and “Poppa.”  He put himself through undergraduate/graduate school and worked many jobs. “C” is into the environment, vegetarianism, saving the planet, doing good and of course we wish him the best and can’t wait to hear about his students and how he is helping them.  Another beginning this morning concerns our son who is emptying his NYC apartment and moving things to his grandma’s basement to get ready for his new beginning of teaching and living in Southeast India for 2 years with his girlfriend in July!  As parents we are concerned about health and safety, of course!!!!  We hope all works out well and that they all drink in “…the passage of time.” (Without getting dysentery or any other disease!!!!!!!)

**UPDATED NOTE: A very nice blogger. Mark, (Check out his blog, too) gave me this link to post where you can hear the sweet voice of James Taylor crooning his “Secret O’Life:”

*Note: I had the hardest time getting a youtube link for James Taylor’s song, “Secret O’Life,” none would stay posted!!!  Sorry. Go onto youtube and watch James Taylor and/or India Arie do a great cover of Taylor’s song.




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