“The most vital right is the right to love and be loved.”-Emma Goldman

“I want freedom, the right to self-expression, everybody’s right to beautiful, radiant things.”-Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman was born today in 1869 in Lithuania. The quotes above are so relevant to yesterday’s DOMA decision! If there’s a heaven, Emma Goldman is smiling. She worked tirelessly for the rights of ALL people and ALL workers and was labeled an anarchist and considered an undesirable citizen by her adopted country, The U.S.A. and deported to Russia under the 1918 Alien Act. Emma Goldman was NOT an enemy, she was an idealist who believed everyone should be treated fairly and have equal rights. Today, Emma Goldman is admired for her vision, her work, her passion and commitment to equal rights. Emma Goldman believed that: “The idealists and visionaries, foolish enough to throw caution to the winds and express their ardor and faith in some supreme deed, have advanced mankind and have enriched the world.”

“Emma Goldman dedicated her life to the creation of a radically new social order. Convinced that the political and economic organization of modern society was fundamentally unjust, she embraced anarchism for the vision it offered of liberty, harmony and true social justice. For decades, she struggled tirelessly against widespread inequality, repression and exploitation.Goldman’s deep commitment to the ideal of absolute freedom led her to espouse a wide range of controversial causes. A fiery orator and a gifted writer, she became a passionate advocate of freedom of expression, sexual freedom and birth control, equality and independence for women, radical education, union organization and workers’ rights.”-jwa.org *Jewish Womens Archive

 “Emma Goldman, born in Kovno, Lithuania (then Russia) in 1869, came to the United States in 1885 at age 16. By the time of her deportation, she had made a name for herself as a leading anarchist, public speaker, and crusader for free speech, birth control, and workers’ rights.  Goldman first became interested in radical politics in Russia, where she came into contact with populists and political organizers. In the U.S., she was disappointed to learn that instead of streets paved in gold, workers were subject to gross economic inequality and inhumane working conditions. ”-jwa.org This Week in History

How appropriate that her birthday comes at such a momentous time in history!


2 thoughts on ““The most vital right is the right to love and be loved.”-Emma Goldman

  1. Very informative, this is another person I need to look up more about. I love that quote, “If voting changed anything they would make it illegal”, Thank you.

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