“Hot Town, Summer in the City”-The Lovin’ Spoonful

Just thought of this great summer song this morning since I was in NYC yesterday for a high school graduation on the campus of City College (CCNY). I was 13 years old when “Summer in the City” exploded from my transistor radio and I loved it. I had already loved the autoharp since I had to play it on stage in a 3rd grade play and so enjoyed it when John Sebastian would play his. While in 3rd grade, my mom took me to the city and bought me an autoharp, which is in mint condition in my closet. It may even be an Oscar Schmidt autoharp, I’ll have to look at it and see.

It was wonderful to see these graduates and their families basked in so much pride in their accomplishment and faith in their futures…many are going onto college…no minor feat in a school and neighborhood whose problems are well known and seen on the nightly news. We were guests of the Guest Speaker who was a former teacher and is our son who truly made a difference in many of their lives and influenced them to go for the gold and apply to college.

Walking around NYC after dinner with the sun still going strong reminded me of my youthful days of hanging out in so many different neighborhoods of the city. NYC was a hot town then and now and music always stirs my memories.



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