“The Most Important Thing a Father Can Do for His Children is to Love Their Mother.”-Henry Ward Beecher

Happy Father’s Day to All Ye Fathers Out There! Beecher’s quote hits home to me because I witnessed a very loving mom and dad growing up. I knew I wanted a mate that would love me like my dad loved mom and I was lucky to find him. I hope that my children have also witnessed 2 people who married for love and continue to love each other very much.

Father’s Day was only officially made a national holiday in the U.S. in 1972, when President Richard Nixon declared it to be the third Sunday of June. But the holiday actually traces its origins to early 20th-century Washington State. Inspired by a Mother’s Day sermon she heard at church in 1909, Spokane resident Sonora Smart-Dodd—one of six children being raised by a single dad—also wanted to honor her father. She encouraged local churches to institute the first Father’s Day observance the following year, and the idea caught on.”-John Roach, National Geographic, 6/20/10, nationalgeographic.com


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