Paying Tribute to a Thoughtful and Compassionate Public Commentator, Journalist, Writer, TV Host, Truth-Teller, Former White Press Secretary and More!

“What’s right and good doesn’t come naturally. You have to stand up and fight for it – as if the cause depends on you, because it does.”-Bill Moyers

Bill Moyers is 79 today and I continue to watch him on PBS. He is a great interviewer who truly listens to his guests and asks thought-provoking questions in a very respectful manner. He’s been very outspoken about free press for decades. “The Museum of Broadcast Communications calls Moyers, ‘One of the few broadcast journalists who might be said to approach the stature of Edward R. Murrow. If Murrow founded broadcast journalism, Moyers significantly extended its traditions.”

You probably have seen one or many of the shows that he and his wife of nearly 60 years, Judith, have produced, including the series, Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth, Healing and the Mind, Becoming American: The Chinese Experience, and truly, so many more.  Bill Moyers has hosted several PBS shows, including his current, Moyers & Company. Both Bill and Judith had to endure tough times, like most of us. Their son, William, is a recovering alcoholic and with the tremendous support of his parents, overcame his dependency and is the VP of Public Affairs and Community Relations for Hazelden, the highly regarded facility that has its roots in Minnesota (1949) that helps addicts and now has several locations. The 3 Moyers continue to share their experience with the world of addiction and appear together in conversation-like forums.

“Born in Oklahoma, Moyers grew up in Texas, where he received a journalism B.A. in 1956 from the University of Texas in Austin and then a divinity degree in 1959 from the Southwestern Theological Seminary. For most of the 1960s, Moyers worked as the director of public affairs and deputy director of the Peace Corps, and then for fellow Texan Lyndon Johnson, as a personal assistant to the vice-president and as a special assistant and press secretary to the president.

 Since then, TV has been Moyers’s main focus. In 1971, following a few years as the publisher of Newsday, he began almost 35 years of producing hundreds of hours of television interviews for various series broadcast primarily on PBS. Over the years Moyers earned more than 30 Emmy awards and 10 Peabody awards for his work creating shows like A Walk Through the 20th Century, The Power of Myth (with Joseph Campbell), A World of Ideas, and Healing and the Mind. Some of these series, converted into print, also became best-selling books. He had become, a biographer wrote, “one of the few broadcast journalists who might be said to approach the stature of Edward R. Murrow.” Another called him “a gifted storyteller through words and images,” someone who “reveals to us the spiritual, emotional, and historical sides of our culture.”








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