The “Other” Oliver Cromwell…New Jersey’s Own

Cromwell HouseOliver Cromwell’s Landmark Home in NJ

I learned something new this morning. A freeman of New Jersey, Oliver Cromwell served with George Washington during the American Revolution. How apt that I discovered a new fact and a new person on the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend! Memorial Day itself is to honor men and women who died while serving our country. Cromwell lived to be a 100. “Cromwell was present at the battle of Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine, Monmouth and Yorktown and at the memorable crossing of the Delaware on December 25, 1776.”(bgill on  Oliver Cromwell was given a Badge of Merit designed by Washington. When he was first discharged, he couldn’t even get a pension, but many people came to his aid. His $96 annual pension helped him survive to 100 years of age. “Cromwell’s story first appeared in a newspaper interview conducted when he was 100 years old by a reporter of the Burlington Gazette (Burlington, New Jersey) in 1905, which was reprinted by the Trenton Evening Times. As the newspaper article noted: ‘though feeble, his lips trembling at every word, when he spoke of [General George] Washington his eyes sparkled with enthusiasm.”(Tom Kemp, 9/20/2012 on The “Other” Oliver Cromwell was born today, 5/24 in 1752. Let us remember him, a soldier who served his country for 6 years.

interview with African American Revolutionary War veteran Oliver Cromwell, Trenton Evening Times newspaper article 11 April 1905

Trenton Evening Times, April 11th, 1905, Page 5






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