Presenting…Mr. Studs Terkel…



“I call myself a radical conservative. What’s That? Well, let’s analyze it. Go to the dictionary. Radical: One who gets to the roots of things. And I’m a conservative because I want to conserve the green of the grass, the potability of drinking water, the first amendment of the Constitution and whatever sanity we have left.”-Studs Terkel

I remember listening to Studs Terkel on the radio and seeing him being interviewed on TV. In 2009, HBO released a very good documentary titled: Studs Terkel: Listening to America. That’s what Studs Terkel did, he listened…he listened to the common everyday folk and respected them and brought their trials and tribulations to the forefront in his writings and interviews. Terkel believed that “Everyone is a celebrity and everyone has insights.”

He wrote a lot about race, working and published many books, his first was Giants of Jazz published in 1956. The public would know him more for his later work, Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do published in 1974. That book was also made into a musical. Mr.Terkel would acknowledge over the years that his gift for interviewing and just talking with people started in his young years, at age 10 when the family moved to Chicago (from NYC) to run a rooming house.

Terkel was born May 16th, 1912 in the Bronx and died in 2008.

Watch the videos, he truly was something else!

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