American Artist, Jasper Johns, 83 Today!

“Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it.”-Jasper Johns

As an educator, I would integrate the arts into my daily lessons so that my students could learn about the world through a much wider scope than the dry curriculum given to teachers. The Arts provide a richer life and I agree with Jasper Johns that our lives would be much poorer without them. Jasper Johns is an artist, printmaker and sculptor and an American boy from Georgia. He became very popular during the Pop Art scene in the 60s and is one of the few artists to become successful while still alive. His work is shown all over the world. “Jasper Johns is an artist one finds difficult to love, and then, on reflection — and often against a backdrop of crisis or doubt — comes to love wholeheartedly, soberly, sincerely. He is an artist for grown-ups. He might seem reticent, puzzling, at times willfully tangled up in himself. But if you are struggling to make sense of art, life, or any conceivable combination thereof, he is not the bafflingly forked path he can seem, but rather a guide, one who won’t take your hand but will instead send you back out on your own, your sense of the mystery renewed and expanded.”Sebastian Smee, The Boston Globe, 6-10-12

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