“In the final analysis, it is the song, not the singer …” -Bobby Darin

I idolized Bobby Darin when I was very young. He could do anything: play several instruments, act, sing, dance, raconteur, the ultimate performer. Bobby Darin was plagued by illness throughout his young life and died way too young. I remember the whole to-do when he found out that the woman he thought was his mom, turned out to be his grandma and his sister was really his mom. Needless to say…and very understated…it was a shocking revelation to him. Bobby Darin went from Las Vegas showman to jeans and a denim jacket to record and write songs that reflected the times in which he lived, such as the folksinger, Tim Hardin’s “If I Were a Carpenter” and Darin’s own “Simple Song of Freedom,” both beautiful songs. In fact, they exchanged and recorded each other’s songs. Tim Hardin is another performed who died way too young.  Bobby Darin’s  “Mack the Knife” was the best rendition and he will never be forgotten for that. Bobby Darin was born on May 14th and died at the very young age of 37.

Take time and listen to both Bobby Darin and Tim Hardin:

5 thoughts on ““In the final analysis, it is the song, not the singer …” -Bobby Darin

  1. Did you see Kevin Spacey’s movie Across the Sea? It was quite good and presents a loving portrayal of a great performer – from the Bronx I may add, not too far from my house. And a Bx. Science High School allumnus.

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