“All I’ve Gots This Sunny Afternoon”-Ray Davies, The Kinks


Today’s another beautiful day on the East Coast where Ray Davies’ “Sunny Afternoon” is a great way to start the day. The song was released on May 13th, 1969 when I was 16 years old and music was everything then!!! 1969 was a year filled with blood, good music, heartbreak, Civil Rights, triumphs, travails. There was a race war in Malaysia; Golda Meir became first female Prime Minister of Israel; Mickey Mantle retired; James Earl Ray plead guilty to assassinating Dr. King; The Chicago 8 were indicted; John and Yoko had their first bed-in for peace in Amsterdam; Paul McCartney denied rumors that he was dead; Midnight Cowboy with Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight was released; Anti Vietnam War demonstrations were abundant; Neil Armstrong on the moon; and so much more. I loved The Kinks and had all their albums, wish I had them today!  YouTube is amazing, though, I can’t get over how you can just look up all of these entertainers and find something.







5 thoughts on ““All I’ve Gots This Sunny Afternoon”-Ray Davies, The Kinks

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  2. When I first discovered the kinks as a teenager, the first thing that struck me was the lyrics. Insightful, political and at times hilarious like in “Lola”. Sunny Afternoon has always been a favourite of mine and even though I play it myself now and again, I haven’t heard it for years, so this was a treat indeed. Thanks for this.

      • I’m 38 but it seems that a lot of my generation listened to all of the sixties stuff like the Beatles, Stones and Kinks, but I doubt very much that teenagers do the same. I wouldn’t really listen to that music now but that’s because I started playing guitar and then found the blues. I’m really glad I’ve found your blog it covers a lot of the things that I’m interested in. I could of commented on 5 or 6 posts I saw the other day, Richie Havens, Harper Lee and Ray Manzarek who I didn’t realise had passed away until I read your post. Thanks for putting out good quality posts it is much appreciated.

      • Happy to have you visit anytime!!!!! Listen to War’s “Summer” on today’s posting. I saw them when they first started out at the Gaslight Cafe in the village. (Greenwich Village, NYC…the one and only!)

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