“A Mother is the Truest Friend We Have…”-Washington Irving, American Writer

I’m lucky that my 89 and a half year old mom lives in our hometown in her own home and with the help of my husband and I, she can live independently. We are truly blessed. She has been a very devoted mom, mother-in-law and grandma to her two grandchildren who have always been very close to her. My mom really helped me develop my sense of social justice at a very, very tender age. I remember her presenting me with Pete Seeger’s first full length album of children’s songs at about 5 years of age; I remember her taking me to the NY Society for Ethical Culture to witness a discussion on Civil Rights with Sidney Poitier, James Baldwin, Harry Belafonte and other important activists at the time; I remember her holding my hand in 3rd grade, walking me to school past spitting parents as my school became integrated in Brooklyn, NY with children bussed in from other Brooklyn neighborhoods; I remember bringing my new “bussed”in friends home for lunch since I lived close by and had the luxury of having lunch at home; I remember mom turning me on to great literature and always fostering my love of reading and writing, music and theater; I remember mom always being proud of me and making many sacrifices for her parents, for my dad, brother and me; I remember her returning to Brooklyn College to finish her undergraduate degree and schlepping me along to register when I was about 6 years old; I remember her going 10 years to night school at Brooklyn College and working so hard in the basement at her desk and then doing her MS in Guidance at Brooklyn College in about a year; I remember my mom being there for her sister’s 4 children when they and their mom had to move in upstairs with my grandfather. My mom has been a great role model, a great friend and a great mom. I’m so lucky and believe me, I realize how lucky I am!  Here’s to my mom and all moms who try the best they can!




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