“What So Wild as Words Are?”-Robert Browning, Poet

Where would we be without Roget’s Thesaurus compiled by  Peter Mark Roget?   It was first published April 29th, 1852.  How many times have we looked up synonyms, antonyms as we wrote middle school, high school, college and post graduate papers?   Roget’s Thesaurus has been an invaluable tool and I know I used to have a very worn copy. Now we all look up words on the internet. A new generation may not even know about Roget’s Thesaurus! 

“Roget was an English doctor, writer and inventor, but today is best known for his ‘thesaurus’.  Peter Mark Roget was born on 18 January 1779 in London, the son of a Swiss clergyman. He studied medicine at Edinburgh University and graduated in 1798. As a young doctor he published works on tuberculosis and on the effects of nitrous oxide, known as ‘laughing gas’, then used as an anaesthetic.”-BBC

What a marvelous book for “Marvelous Monday!”

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