“You Can’t Change History, but You Can Take Steps to Right the Wrongs of the Past.”-Mike Hubbard, House Speaker in the Alabama House of Representatives

I just had to do a 2nd posting today when I heard that the Alabama Governor will soon sign a pardon for the over 80-year old case against The Scottsboro Boys.  The first posting (below) celebrated Gregory Peck who portrayed Atticus Finch in Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.  Harper Lee was partially inspired by the case of The Scottsboro Boys in 1931 who were wrongly tried for the supposed raping of a white woman.

The case of The Scottsboro Boys was, “An historic miscarriage of justice.”-Ben Jealous,  President/CEO NAACP

How the lives of these young, innocent men were ruined!

I happened upon this You Tube documentary today made by a 9th grader which summarizes the case and, for those, not familiar with the case, it really does a good job and is worth viewing: The Scottsboro Boys.

I would also suggest reading this article: Alabama Lawmakers Vote to Pardon the Scottsboro Boys.

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