Remembering Cesar Chavez…A Hero for All

”It’s ironic that those who till the soil, cultivate and harvest the fruits, vegetables, and other foods that fill your tables with abundance have nothing left for themselves.”-Cesar Chavez


How heartening to turn on the computer and see a young Cesar Chavez on the Google homepage to commemorate his birth today, March 31st in 1927. I remember seeing Mr. Chavez in person in NYC; seeing him on TV; listening to his speeches on WBAI and supporting his tireless work for the rights of migrant farm workers to unionize and receive benefits and be treated with dignity and respect.  I remember my family participating in the 1960s boycott of DelanoCalifornia grapes that Cesar Chavez helped organize.

We need another Cesar Chavez to be in the national forefront for the rights of immigrants; hardworking people who risk their lives to come to the U.S.A. to work, support their families, send their children to schools with hopes of bettering the lives of their children and grandchildren.

Woody Guthrie wrote “Pastures of Plenty” in 1941 as he traveled around the county promoting unions and workers’ rights. The lyrics are still relevant today. Listen to Arlo sing his dad’s song, Pastures of Plenty.

Read the lyrics: “Pastures of Plenty.”  A great song is always timeless and always relevant.

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