What’s Your Definition of a Friend?

“Time doesn’t take away from friendship, nor does separation.”-Tennessee Williams

When I retired, I was so relieved not to have to drive over 80 miles per day back and forth to and from work. Upon hearing that, there are many (and I’ve heard them) that take it upon themselves to boast, “Oh, that’s nothing…I had to fly daily to my job….I had to drive 4 hours to my job….blah, blah, blah.”  Good for them. My distance in horrible weather, especially on the heavily congested Belt Parkway, without any promise of a parking spot, was my personal hell.  Getting to work was my first job, getting a parking spot my 2nd job; my actual job of teaching was a calling, I loved it. When my traveling days were over, I breathed many sighs of relief for several years, even now as I’m writing this.

Ending work brought an end to the daily companionship of women I became close friends with. We’d share stories on our families, movies we loved, recipes, politics and various topics of the day. Also, women I became friends with who moved away, are still friends today, mainly through email. I love technology and am quite grateful for it!

 I believe Tennessee Williams definition of a friend; time and distance doesn’t take away from the friendship.

My friends and I email daily. Once in a while we may call, but it’s most email. They read my blog! One time, about 2 years after I retired, they drove to see me in one car. It was a beautiful visit! But…really…who wants to shlep?  I know I don’t, so I am happy just to email. Recently, I’ve sent them morning videos with my hair sticking up sideways, sleep still in my eyes, wearing my raggedy red plaid robe and drinking my coffee in my Princeton mug. I just say, “Good morning, Friend!”  

Oh, btw, today is the birthday of Mr. Tennessee Williams, a favorite playwright of mine, who was born March 26th, 1911. Oh his plays were/are great: A Streetcar Named Desire, The Glass Menagerie, Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, and more, including movie scripts.  I watched his productions all the time and I was fascinated with his life, read biographies/autobiographies and remember seeing him several times on TV interviews. He had a difficult life…an understatement…but what a writer!

Can you still hear Marlon Brando bellowing, “HEY STELLA!!!!”     I can!

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