3 Real Life Reasons It is a Great Monday Morning


Here are the 3 Real Life Reasons It is a Great Monday Morning:

  • You woke up!
  • You are reading this right now!
  • We are sharing a moment in time.

Good Monday Morning, My Readers! Do you watch Independent Lens on PBS?  I just discovered this morning, that they have a project, titled: “Help Us Create a Monday Music Playlist” where you can vote for favorite song with Monday in the title. You can also refresh your memory of the song, but listening to it right on their site.  I have it on right now, listening to Bobby Bland sing “Stormy Monday.” I’m going to select my fave right after this! Whatever your mood this morning, listening to some of the selections might just stir you to sing along…“He who sings scares away his woes.”-Cervantes

3 thoughts on “3 Real Life Reasons It is a Great Monday Morning

  1. I was thinking if I had to choose it would be “Stormy Monday” until I typed Monday into my media player and I found Mississippi John Hurt – “Monday Morning Blues”
    I really like the Cervantes quote.
    The random link brought me to this post, but how did it know it was Monday? It’s never random…..

  2. Hi me again, I just found out yesterday that Bobby Bland died on the 23rd June, when I woke up today I thought about this post. On the day after he died a random post request gave me the post that mentioned him. And here was me thinking it was funny how it gave me a post about Monday on a Monday.

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