“How Right It Is To Love Someone…” (-John Denver)

I couldn’t help but think of John Denver today on my 60th birthday.  I saw him at The Bitter End in Greenwich Village in 1970,  just before he made it big. Opening for him were Fat City, who later went on to have a huge commercial hit with Afternoon Delight, reincarnated as The Starland Vocal Band.   I was in the first row and mesmerized by his poetry and beautiful melodies. Well, at 60, I am so happy to still be married to the love of my life and John’s words from Poems, Prayers and Promises just came to me from the recesses of my mind! “I have to say it now, It’s been a good life all in allHow sweet it is to love someone. How right it is to care. How long its been since yesterday, And what about tomorrow, And what about our dreams and all the memories we share.” Revisit his songs.  Revisit this song. Watch him sing Poem, Prayers and Promises. I know there have been so many infomercials selling his albums since his death, but don’t let the commercialism turn you off. He was a magnificent songwriter and performer and had a lot of heart. Thank you, John Denver and Rest In Peace. Thank you for beautiful memories and words that are still relevant today. You are NOT forgotten!

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