Just In Case We Lose Electricity….

Didn’t want to miss the opportunity to wish the great author/poet/activist Alice Walker a Very Happy Birthday. Ms Walker was born 2/9/44. If you haven’t read any of her books or poetry, visit the library or download. I love this poem I just discovered by her. Here is the poem and I also recorded it at this link: Alice Walker Poem for IleneonWords

Don’t Be Like Those Who Ask for Everything

By Alice Walker (Born 2/9/44)


Don’t be like those who ask for everything:

praise, a blurb, a free ride in my rented

limousine. They ask for everything but never offer

anything in return.

Be like those who can see that my feet ache

from across a crowded room

that a foot rub

if I’m agreeable

never mind the staring

is the best way to smile

& say hello

to me.

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