Happy Centennial Birthday Rosa Parks!

Each Person Must Live Their Lives as a Model for Others.” Rosa Parks, through her planned act of non-violent protesting, spotlighted the Jim Crow Laws governing southern states. Mrs. Parks and her husband, Raymond Parks, were very active in the Montgomery Alabama chapter of the NAACP, where she was their Secretary. Her refusal to give up her seat on the bus was not because she was tired nor was it a spontaneous act. It was a strategy that quickened the hearts of many around the world and ignited a generation to become the template of peaceful resistance resulting in many long struggles; the abolishment of unfair laws; the implementation of The Civil Rights Act and The Voting ActThe known heroes and unsung heroes of  The Civil Rights Movement continue to teach ALL of us that equality, justice, freedom, peace are precious and necessary for any society to flourish and must be vigilantly taken care of. The light cast by Rosa Parks, Dr. King, The Freedom Riders, Congressman John Lewis cannot be allowed to burn out for we must continue to work together to “Let it shine, Let it shine, Let it shine.”


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